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bet-A-sequence will help you re-discover your winning potential. Buying membership with the powerful bet-A-sequence tokens will strengthen the coin’s value & power investors to profit levels.

ICO PRIVATE SALE STARTS on 1st October 2018


What is BAS?

bet-A-sequence is a next generation, revolutionary app that uses mathematical algorithms to calculate two predictions based on the configured losing sequence factor, giving sports bettors a 43% better chance at winning on their next bet. The app is easy to use, provides daily race cards and customized sports predictions all at your fingertips!

How BAS Works?

bet-A-sequence app is simple and easy to use with these 3 steps -


Access the bet-A-sequence app on any device using our website. Our team is building a seamless experience for iOS and Android


Based on the configured Losing Sequence Factor (LSF) the app will calculate predictions for upcoming horse races in the UK.


Use the custom predictions calculated by the bet-A-sequence app to get 43% better chances of winning on your next bet!

What is a Losing Sequence?

A losing sequence could be considered similar to a losing run, normally the experience of consecutive losses can make you disheartened or simply just give up. Thorough analysis can turn these unfortunate and unmanaged results into an organised system, a Losing Sequence. Reducing the stress of chasing the losses, by implementing our Losing Sequence technology, will help overcome the randomness and improve your overall average strike rate.

Why 43% better chances?

Our Losing Sequence technology is measured by the Losing Sequence Factor. This is similar to an adjustable Risk Factor which is completely the choice of our individual member. To help our members and people who may be interested in potentially becoming a member understand that the performance of each of our Losing Sequence Factors’ results, and this 43% is representative of the average accuracy of the Strike Rate from the predictions provided by our Losing Sequence Factor’s over more than 2 complete years.

March 2017

Founder Bernard is introduced to Losing Sequence Factor

December 2017

BAS team is formed

September 2018

MVP is ready

November 2018

ICO Pre Sale

October 2017

After the research, alpha version of the app is built

March 2018

Started working on MVP

October 2018

ICO Private-Sale launch

December 2018

ICO Public Sale

Token Distribution

Distribution Tokens Price Per Token in GBP (after Bonus)
Private Sale 60,000,000 0.005 300,000
Pre Sale 60,000,000 0.01 600,000
Public Sale 120,000,000 0.02 2,400,000
Founders and Team 51,000,000 0 0
Advisor 6,000,000 0 0
Bounty 3,000,000 0 0
Total 300,000,000 3,300,000

Actual Week Price Bonus Effective Price
Private Sale 0.01 100% 0.01
Pre Sale 0.02 50% 0.02
Public Sale Week1 0.1 100% 0.05
Week2 0.1 70% 0.06
Week3 0.1 60% 0.07
Week4 0.1 40% 0.08
Week5 0.1 20% 0.09
Week6 0.1 0.10

Our Mission

We believe and encourage responsible gambling and want you to enjoy your betting experiences without getting into difficulties.

To become the leading customer-centric, revolutionary sports prediction app that delivers accurate predictions at affordable prices & within guaranteed timelines—thus safeguarding your money & helping you make extra income from horse racing.

Our Team

Bernard Leigh
CEO & Founder
Daniel Schwartz
CEO at 3T Network
Clare Brannan
VP of Operations
Diana Bugai
VP of Marketing
Diana Insuratelu
VP of Customer Success
Marios Michael
VP of Financial Control
Tanveer Nawaz
Head of Product Excellence
Azmath Unnisa
Head of Data Excellence

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